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We Have Been Busy!

July 21st, 2011

Hi all! So sorry for the huge lapse in time since our last post, but we have busy here at Artfully Elegant. The biggest thing we’ve been working on? We’re redesigning the website! All of your favorite parts of the current AE site will still be there, but it’s better looking, better performing, and much easier to use. All of us have been hard at work on it for the last few months and it’s about to come to fruition shortly. We’re hoping *fingers crossed* that’s it’s up in the next week, so keep checking back for the launch! Notice any bugs or something isn’t working right? Please send us an email and let us know! We’ve gone over it with a fine tooth comb, but fresh eyes may catch something we didn’t. Try us at [email protected] and we’ll check it out. See that good lookin’ crew in the pic up there? That’s our staff here at AE. One of the new features on the site will be staff picks – personal collections hand picked by us featuring our favorite designers and pieces. Our erstwhile designer, photographer, and friend, Marty Desilets ,did a whole photo shoot for us and our staff picks. The pictures turned out great – lots of outtakes with this group, but lots of good ones too! In the picture, from L to R: Erin (that’s me), Rori holding Jonas, Ranjeet, Neha, Ellen, and Wilco the dog.