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ZPots – Cup of Joy

March 19th, 2010

Most of our finds from the New York International Gift Fair in February of 2010 focused on additions to our collection of jewelry, but we were lucky enough to find one beautiful potter.  Combing poetry and pottery, husband and wife team Eric Hendrick and Noelle Van Hendrick create soulful, beautiful pottery for all. With ZPots, we’re branching out and introducing our first fine art lamps to our collection. Lamps are something we’ve never explored before, either at Artfully Elegant or our brick and mortar store, Monsoon Gallery. We are very excited to get these in. Featuring a handthrown base emblazoned with their signature poetry etched on it, topped off by a screen printed shade, this art will do more than light a room, it will light up your life.  We’re also featuring some of their “buckets of love” plus their “cups of new day, love, healing, and joy” (at left). Perfect for wedding gifts or a housewarming surprise, these food safe pots will be welcome additions to any art collection and table. Look for the lamps to be up on the site soon.