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Apparently the 2 year old likes jewelry too

July 10th, 2017


A day in the life of includes inventorying and photographing jewelry. Of course when you run your business from home, that simple task can end up being a lot more complicated than it sounds. This morning I spent an hour frantically looking for jewelry that I had placed on the table yesterday to photograph in the midday sun. Even my wife Neha joined the search but to no avail. And that’s when it hit us…apparently the 2 year old likes jewelry too.

Last night my little lovely Miss Kira was “helping” both of us with getting the house together. By “helping” I of course mean that she placed her toys in the refrigerator while we put groceries away, she threw important documents in the recycling container, and sat on the dishwasher door to take the load off her feet. Could the little monkey have grabbed the bag of newly purchased Dogeared necklaces and put it somewhere never to be found again? I’m pretty sure that the answer to that question is yes.

Over the past couple of months, Kira has gone from a baby trying to find her stride to a well oiled short distance runner. Honestly her speed and agility seem only to be likened to Steph Curry on the basketball court. So when my wife and I came up short looking for that jewelry it became very clear who the culprit was going to be.

That being said the suspect is not talking. When I asked her if she took the jewelry and where she put it she said “yeah”, followed by very confident point to the socks that were on her feet. I’m pretty sure that I’m not gonna get much more information out of her either. Maybe the jewelry will turn up…and maybe it won’t. Either way, I decided to let the theft of the Dogeared necklaces slide. Besides, her cuteness makes it hard to be angry with her anyhow.