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Artist Spotlight: Bija Malas

September 16th, 2016

Bija Malas is more than just beautiful beaded jewelry. If you are looking for something to connect you to a more centered purpose, to have a deeper meaning, or to just provide you with a tangible piece of positivity, then these beads may be just what you are looking for.


Bija Malas started in 2011 in a little corner of jewelry designer Iris Sutalo’s living room. What started as a small circle of sales to close friends has budded into a flourishing business with beads selling in a variety of locations including jewelry stores, boutiques, and yoga studios.

But what is it about these beads that make them so special? That question has many answers. For one, each piece is made with 108 beads. The significance of the number has multiple meaning including ‘one, none and all.’ It is also said that each person has 108 emotions, and that there are 108 marma points in our body.


A mala is specifically a tool used to help with prayer or meditation while looking beautiful to keep you reminded of that. So by having a gorgeous piece of beadwork close to you, you’ll always remember the deeper meaning that it represents. It is also said by many that meditation is one of the best ways to help in a variety of ways, and these beads are an addition to a ritual that many have found positive results with.

So if you would like to add an addition to your spiritual routine, need a piece of positive vibe, or just want a gorgeous new addition to your jewelry box, check out Bija Mala. Who knows, you might just find the perfect piece that speaks just to you.

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