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Artist Spotlight: Stephen Estelle

June 3rd, 2016

Stephen Estelle jewelry is the epitome of simplistic beauty. With beautiful gemstones, classic cuts, and a timeless look, you’d be surprised to discover how versatile his pieces can be for numerous styles and fashions.artistStephen spent several years in Europe where he studied art and literature. While there, he discovered a profound interest in the language of the Tibetan people and with Buddhism. He found himself so drawn to the culture that he decided to move to Nepal. There he spend five years studying Buddhist philosophy. While there, he also began learning from a local family who, for four centuries past, had made the jewelry for the maharajahs in Nepal.

necklacesThis time and dedication, along with a deep understanding being the meaning of each piece shines through. He starts each piece by creating a complex design, and then removing the elements he finds unneeded and unnecessary. With an understanding that the smallest detail needs to be of the utmost quality, Stephen leaves each of his pieces finished knowing that the smallest and finest details create a whole and astounding piece.ringsSo the next time you are in the need for a fantastic piece of beautiful jewelry, check out Stephen Estelle’s work here at Artfully Elegant. Not only is is classic and timeless, but it’s construction was well thought out from start to finish.more rings

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