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Artist Spotlight: Chris Ploof Designs

March 29th, 2016

When one thinks of fine jewelry, precious metals and stones typically come to mind. Platinum, gold, diamonds, silver, and other glittering colorful stones that mirror every color of the rainbow quickly materialize in our imaginations. While these are indeed amazing materials used in most jewelry, there are other materials that are just as incredible that emit a strong, powerful, and masculine vibe.

Chris Ploof Designs, located in Massachusetts, works with other quality materials to create amazing pieces. Everything from stainless steel damascus to mokume gane, which is a traditional Japanese method of mixing metals to replicate a wood grain pattern. From these materials, Chris and his team make amazing quality jewelry that will last for ages.


Damascus Ring made of Stainless Steel

One unique material his team also works with is meteorite. The galactic rock that has potentially traveled light years in space and thrust onto our planet can be crafted into amazing pieces of jewelry for any occasion. Chris’s meteorite pieces are exclusively made from the Gibeon Meteorite in Namibia, a meteorite that is estimated to have landed on the planet 30,000 years ago and is estimated to be about four billion years old.

However, not all pieces of the meteorite are all usable due to varying metal content, elemental wear, and natural imperfections. Chris’s team takes it a step further and for every piece that is suitable for jewelry, Chris Ploof Designs rejects an average of 20 for every one that they choose.
From there, the ancient material is combined with platinum, gold or mokume gane to form an extremely strong and durable ring. The Gibeon meteorite also contains nickel so it’s naturally stain and rust resistant.


Gibeon Meteorite Ring with Gold Lining

According to their website: “Each ring begins with Chris in the design process, and every single item he designs also passes a review by our skilled artisans. As a team, we make sure that, in addition to being beautiful, the design will stand the test of time.”

So if you or a loved one are looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry, head on over to Artfully Elegant or, we’re the only official carrier of Chris Ploof Designs in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Not only do we carry an amazing selection, but we can help you get a custom piece that is just right for you! See more designs here!


Damascus Wood Grain Ring made of Stainless Steel


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