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Artist Spotlight: Zpots

March 4th, 2016

cup of might

If you’ve ever checked out the wares here at Artfully Elegant, you’ve probably noticed the perky little pieces of pottery spattered with inspirational quotes and sayings. These little art pieces are more than just cute and inspiring, the artists behind them make each piece with a purpose.

Zpots, handcrafted in the Zpots Studio in Vermont, are individually made by husband and wife artists Eric Hendrick and Noelle Van Hendrick.

peace bucket

Each piece starts with a chocolate clay body and is hand thrown before being treated with a variety of techniques to give each one it’s distinct and one-of-a-kind look. Noelle then incorporates her own poetry into each piece, and hand writes her words onto each one.

When fired in the electric kiln, which is powered by Vermont Cow Power by electricity generated from surrounding farmlands, the studio keeps a renewable future in mind. “We make choices within our production and daily lives to benefit the mission of living in harmony with our planet.”

The colors used represent the elements of water, earth, and forest, and stay the same throughout each piece, while the lines are more varied and sporadic.

Eric and Noelle look at each piece as an individual that’s part of a whole collection, a family so to speak, making each one both individualized yet related in it’s method of creation and overall look.

While Zpots are available at galleries and boutiques across the country, each one is as unique and personally individual as the person who chooses to display one. Check out Artfully Elegant and choose the Zpot that speaks to you.


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