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Artist Spotlight: Hilary Hachey

August 14th, 2015


Baltimore-based metalsmith Hilary Hachey prefers the simple over the complex and the solidly built over the mass marketed.

This ideal comes across in every piece Hachey produces.

The result is a geometric masterpiece that, while grounded in the simplistic, plays off some pretty complex ideas.

“I adopted the Bauhaus name for my jewelry because the Bauhaus aesthetic utilizes economy of method and severe geometry of form,” said Hachey, who studied metalsmithing at The Maryland Institute College of Art. “My metalwork, hand-fabricated in sterling silver and 18k gold, achieves this through experimentation with the figure/ground relationship.”


While Hachey’s pieces are heavily grounded in the geometry she loves to bring to life, the hints of personality and nature are undeniable and, dare we say it, sometimes almost whimsical.

Visit Hilary Hachey’s page at Artfully Elegant.



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