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Artist Spotlight: Oré Originals

April 11th, 2016

Founded by Lisa Lowe, Oré Originals has a bright and colorful history. Lisa grew up in a loving family surrounded by creativity and function, so the concept of colors, prints, and patterns was part of everyday life for her. So, with a focus on useful products with a fun and creative edge, Oré Originals was started in her small Southern California garage in 1989, and it grew from there!

Founder Lisa Lowe as a child (left) and as a thriving business owner (right)

Now Oré has grown into a dedicated team that works hard together and makes things happen! They are always on the hunt for new functional product ideas that will put a smile on your face. Due to these facts, Oré Originals considers itself a design-driven company as unique as the items that it makes. So it’s no surprise that the products in their collection are sweet, quirky, and always comes in handy for the task it was made for.

fixedore team

The team at Oré Originals

Beyond creative aspects, Oré Originals takes pride in their products from start to finish assuring that customers have a quality item that always arrives in perfect condition. Since they are based in California, they are heavily involved in many charitable events and causes throughout the communities of Southern California, and even donate products, give directly, and assist in charity benefits.

ore team 2

The company is community oriented, helping out local Southern California charities and organizations.

So the next time you’re in Artfully Elegant, check out our amazing fun collection of Oré Original products like the Cuppa Mugs. Not only will you sip your coffee or tea in one of the most adorable pieces in your cupboard, but you’ll be supporting an amazing company whose products we couldn’t be more proud to carry.

fixedore mugs

A fun selection of Cuppa Cups at Artfully Elegant

All Oré Original photos courtesy of

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