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Black Diamonds fit for a Queen!

October 20th, 2018

3.73 Carat Black Diamonds fit for a Queen

Just look at these Black Diamonds fit for a Queen. They’re 3.73 carats each! They’re enormous. And to top it off, they’re as black as the night over the Indian Ocean. Honestly, these rings are simply fantastic. Todd Reed has truly raised the bar when it comes to designing jewelry with natural colored diamonds. A pioneer in the handmade jewelry marketplace, his engagement rings and wedding bands are always on point and exuding luxuriousness. Having had the opportunity to design this pair of incredible rings, I can tell you that nothing prepares you for actually seeing them on your finger for the first time. Imagine being the person who gets to wear one of these gorgeous rings as a symbol of their love for their partner. What an amazing story they tell! These two rings are truly captivating, and we’re humbled to have them in our collection.

Black Diamonds fit for a Queen

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