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Coming Soon – Heather Moore Jewelry

July 21st, 2011

During our last minute trip to Las Vegas a month ago, we picked up a few new artists, including Heather Moore Jewelry. HMJ has been on our radar for awhile and we finally took the plunge in Vegas. Heather Moore started as a jewelry enamel artist, but on a whim made a stamped piece that caught the attention of buyers and clients alike. As they say, the rest is history and now Heather’s hand-stamped keepsake jewelry is a staple among savvy jewelry buyers. Since each individual letter and image is stamped by hand, everything is custom and personalized to you. I fell in love with the line, so I made a necklace for myself to wear. Mine has a few components. I went with a large ID tag like the one pictured featuring the latitude and longitude of the house my grandparents owned for 60 years with their initials on the back. I added a large silver key with my initial, plus another small circle charm framed in green gold with my and my brothers’ initials. It’s sentimental and keeps my family close to me even though we’re scattered across the country. We also created a piece for Rori, featuring all the birth details of her son, Jonas. Name, date, weight, length, time of birth – it’s all on there and a really special piece. That’s the great thing about Heather Moore Jewelry; whether you’re commemorating a special time in your life, your children, a marriage, it’s all there, preserved in an heirloom you can pass on for generations. We’ve got some examples of work up on our facebook page right now and our stock should be up on the website shortly. If you’re local, stop by because it’s out in the case and looks great! I really love Heather’s story and philosophy, so look for many more posts about her in the future!