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Holiday Gift Ideas – Heirloom

November 16th, 2011

Thanksgiving is a week away and we all know what that means…spending time with your loved ones, maybe a little football, and of course, overeating all of the wonderful Thanksgiving foods. Besides all of those things, you also have the official start of the holiday season! We never like to jump the gun on pushing the holidays on you too early, but here are some suggestions to get you thinking about it. A few of these require a few weeks to come in because of the nature of what goes in to them, so make sure to get your orders in early!

  • Heather Moore Jewelry – The ultimate in personalized jewelry. That’s our Harvest Moon pendant pictured and it’s ready to go. Want to design one with your favorite quote, initials, a special number, anything else specific to you? Give us a call and we’ll help you get started!
  • Baroni Designs – Baroni is one of our newest artists. Their simple initial necklaces with extra charms in various shapes are a great way to get started with your personalized collection. Go simple or layer a bunch of charms for a great look.
  • Kathy Bransfield – Our top seller for years, Kathy Bransfield’s jewelry will never go out of style. She’s got a quote for any occasion. Maybe your favorite one is already available or perhaps you’ll find a new, favorite quote to hold dear.