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Jewelry for a Cause – The Caliber Collection

April 11th, 2013

Art has always had the unique ability to present a social commentary in a powerful, and often beautiful way; the Caliber Collection, one of the newest lines here at Artfully Elegant, proves jewelry can do so as well. Created out of the metal of two hundred and fifty guns and bullet casings seized by the Newark Police Department, these bronze and steel bracelets are equal parts symbol of renewal and stunning arm candy. Originally inspired by Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s strong words about the insidious problem of gun violence, especially in his own city, founder and designer Jessica Mindich decided to utilize her sleek bangles as a unique fundraising opportunity.  Proceeds from the sales of the Caliber Collection go back to the Newark buyback program. In fact, Mindich has already donated back more than $20,000 from Caliber sales. Each bracelet is shaped in an oval, to represent the trigger cage of a gun, an area capable of so much violence,  and now a symbol of redemption.  Even the name, Caliber, was chosen for its double meaning: the caliber of a gun and how the caliber of a city is raised when illegal guns are taken off its streets. Each style is hammered by hand, not only showing the hard work it takes to fully create the design, but the hard work and determination it takes to clear the streets of gun violence. Available in small, medium, and large (as well as an open, one-size-fits-most cuff), we have the perfect Caliber Collection bracelet for you!