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That Damn Virus

December 8th, 2020

After months of perfecting an impenetrable fortress to keep my family and I safe from the virus, I was hit with it in the middle of November. We operate with extreme caution in all situations, but after moving in the beginning of November it became clear that I must have contracted it by working too closely with the movers on moving day. The thing is that we have to be perfect in our protective efforts all of the time, while the virus only needs to take advantage of a letting down of our guard once. Somehow in some way, masks and sanitizing gel were no match to save me from what was to come. It was definitely one of the worst things I have had to experience, but I was fortunate to have come out of it relatively unscathed. It is a beast, but I am very thankful that I managed my way through it.

Normally, this time of the year is full of numerous marketing efforts and even more numerous sales. But with me being knocked down for the count, Artfully Elegant definitely took a hit right alongside with me. So I am offering a few discounts to those who still need to get that holiday shopping done. Here are just a few of the best deals we have going on right now:

20% off all Todd Pownell orders with the code THANKFUL

Todd Pownell

20% off all in stock Todd Reed rings with the code FULLOFLIFE


20% off all in stock necklaces with the code DOINGWELL

Compassion necklace

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