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What’s traditional about love anyhow?

June 2nd, 2023

Love is colorful, vibrant and as unique as can be. Shouldn’t the ring that represents it be the same?

Sam Woehrmann’s non-traditional rings are a harmonious blend of quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. By utilizing 22k yellow gold and sterling silver, Sam creates rings that exude a distinctive charm and radiate a warm, inviting glow. His designs provide an elegance and individuality to each piece, setting them apart from traditional offerings.

Adding to their allure are the natural gray diamonds and colorful precious stones that Sam Woehrmann incorporates into his designs. The gray diamonds possess a captivating and mysterious beauty, with their unique hue adding depth and character to the rings. The colorful precious stones, on the other hand, inject vibrant pops of color, creating a striking contrast against the warm tones of the gold and silver. From deep blues and rich greens, each stone is carefully selected for its exceptional color and brilliance.

These rings redefine the concept of forever, embracing alternative materials, innovative designs, and personal expression. Let your engagement ring be a testament to the uniqueness of your love story and a symbol of the beautiful adventure that lies ahead. Check out our collection of Sam Woehrmann’s designs today and select the ring that showcases your love.

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