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Wishes & Wishpapers

September 30th, 2019

Matte Grass Agate Bracelet by Wishbeads

How often do we find ourselves wishing and hoping for something? A wish for a change in our day to day lives. We wish for changes in our jobs, our relationships or even just changes in ourselves. While I am fairly certain that a wish is nothing more than a expression of our desires, I am also fairly certain that given the right amount of intention and energy, that wish very well might come true. Keeping it alive in our thoughts on a day to day basis is truly the only way that we can actually make anything come true.

The beauty of one of our newest collections is that its entire purpose is to make it possible to bring the wish with you wherever you go. Each of Wishbeads bracelets are made of semi-precious stones that are believed to carry with them healing properties to help with anything we may need in our lives. The bracelets are made with stones of Labradorite for Clarity, Lapis for Intention, Jasper for Grounding, Agate for Centering, Amethyst for Intuition, and Lava for Calming, And the best part is that each of the bracelets have a clasp that unscrews to hold a small rolled up Wishpaper that allows you to write a wish upon it.

Carrying a wish or an intention with you from day to day makes it that much more likely that you will be able to transform hope into a reality. Check out the entire collection of Wishbeads here!

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