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Written In The Stars: Jewelry By Julie Nolan

October 30th, 2013

Getting recognized in New York City’s fashion world is hard, but it seems like Julie Nolan was destined to make a name for herself with her jewelry. Maybe this kind of success was evident in her astrological charts, which she calls to mind in her Mazzaroth collection. After working as a make up artist 10 years ago, Julie took up an interest in ‘charming’ that led to an intensive jewelry course and her future career. She made a name for herself at art markets, producing jewelry on a grand scale from within her Manhattan studio apartment. Through her handwork, and perhaps a litttle bit of fate, she was able to move to Western Massachusetts, into a house and much larger studio. This is where she crafts the items you will find in our store this fall. We at Artfully Elegant are excited to carry Julie’s line of necklaces and charm and hinged bracelets, all featuring the constellations associated with the 12 zodiac signs.The simple and clean designs were patterned after a Swiss calendar from the 1900s. The largest holes represent the brightest stars in each constellation. Every piece is hand stamped with a three letter abbreviation of the corresponding constellation on the back as well. They are the perfect pieces to represent your place in the cosmos. And they certainly make it easier to avoid the ultimate pick up line cliche 😉