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A World of Adjectives

April 21st, 2021

Facet Dainty Three Stone Diamond Ring

Often times I am asked to describe a particular artist’s work. And often times doing so is rather simple. That’s because in most cases an artist that’s good at what they do become synonymous with a specific adjective or two. For example, Todd Reed is raw elegance, while Todd Pownell is alternative bridal. But every once in awhile, I encounter an artist that is simple impossible to define with a mere one or two adjectives. Jennifer Dawes is one of those artists.

Her rings are alluring, captivating, inspiring, elegant, refined, bold, vibrant, and of course…breathtaking. She uses recycled diamonds, sustainably sourced metals, and ethical metalsmithing practices in designing each of her pieces. How could I reduce her handmade rings to a mere one or two adjectives when describing how unique they are? Take a look for yourself, I promise you will fall in love with each and every one of them.


See what I mean? You can view the entire collection here: Jennifer Dawes Rings.

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