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The world has changed

March 29th, 2020

Todd Reed Rings

Often we are defined not just by where we have been but also by where we are going. But with the way things are as of late…where exactly are we going? Usually we work very hard to build a solid foundation and hope to find a best friend in a lover along the way. We share our time with them. We share our hearts with them. And we share our souls with them. All in the hopes to one day be able to make a promise to spend the rest of our lives with them. Over the years I have been honored to have played a small role in helping many couples fulfill the promise of lifelong love with one another. However when I see what is happening in the world today I get a sense that these promises are being forced to wait it out before they can be made.

There isn’t much I can do to help any of us get past the uncertainty that we are all dealing with nowadays. But since our need to express our promise of love to one another will always remain the same, I do believe that I can try to make things a little easier. So in an effort to help make that promise more doable, I have temporarily reduced our bridal collection of in-stock Todd Reed rings. I’ve also offered various payment over time options so you won’t feel stressed with the immediate cost of a high valued purchase. At a time in our lives when promising our heart to one another is most needed, the last hurdle you should have to deal with is affordability.

Todd Reed Rings

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