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Artist Spotlight: Wanderlust by Wes Airgood

May 2nd, 2016

If you are on the search for a one of a kind engagement or wedding band for a man or a woman, you might want to consider Wanderlust by Wes Airgood. The delicate and hand make look isn’t just for a visual effect, but each piece is indeed made individually.

Owner Wes Airgood recognized early on that there was a high demand for more personalized jewelry pieces in such a mass-produced market. Wes’s designs are just that, one of a kind from start to finish. He uses no wax or castings, meaning each piece is handcrafted throughout the entire process, with inspirations coming from sources like ice covered mountain summits. They make quite the statement!

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“As a craftsman, I enjoy examining antique pieces to see the hand of the maker, their decisions, the identity of their imperfections, and the care and skill that one person invested in a precious statement for another.”

rings wes
Wes’s background in jewelry and design includes a BFA from Miami University and an MFA from the University of Georgia with a concentration in metalwork and jewelry design. He also studied overseas in Prague and Cortona, and then worked for varying jewelry designers and metalworkers. He now resides in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Heather who is also his business partner, and their daughter Olivia.


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