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New Year, New Blog

January 12th, 2011

Hello everyone! After a super busy holiday season, I am recommitting myself to posting on the blog. December was a hectic month for us here at Artfully Elegant. We had a ton of people in the new shop. Our new location on Main Street in Bethlehem is a prime spot to grab holiday shoppers, especially those that come to get a true “Christmas City” experience. It seemed like every day, jewelry and artwork was flying out the door, plus our online sales never stopped. It was a whirlwind of packing, wrapping, and talking to clients. I don’t think I sat down until Christmas Eve dinner!! We sold the little beauty at left by Todd Reed online a few days before Christmas. I can’t wait until it comes in – the r704 is a one of a kind piece of jewelry that our client is very excited to finally have on her hand! Post New Year’s has been filled with reorders from all of our top artists. We were wiped out, so Rori and I have spent the last 2 weeks stocking up. With Valentine’s Day a month away, we’ve got to make sure our cases are in top condition. Look for brand new work from Me&Ro, Todd Reed, Anne Sportun, Everyday Artifact, Vinosus, Hilary Hachey, Kathy Bransfield, Sue Rosengard, and Kathy Lo Rocks in the coming weeks! I’ll make sure to post announcements of new arrivals here first, so check back often!