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The Gift of Giving

May 2nd, 2019

Todd Pownell Pear Shaped Engagement Ring 4

I love my daughter. Correction…I adore my daughter. So when it came time to see if I could better her overall experience at her montessori school, I jumped at the chance. Every year, Jarrow Montessori holds a gala with proceeds going towards benefitting its financial aid program. What I love about the program is how it helps to broaden the experience of each student by diversifying the student body as a whole. Since 1964, Jarrow Montessori has strived to have a student body that was representative of the Boulder community as a whole. As a matter of fact, Jarrow’s current student body consists of families hailing from 19 different countries (including the United States) from varying socioeconomic statuses. In keeping with the tradition, programs such as Jarrow’s financial aid program help to solidify that its student body will always strive to be representative of the Boulder community as a whole.

This year, Artfully Elegant was able to donate a few pieces of jewelry to the gala to help raise monies for its financial aid program. As it turns out we ended up helping to raise near $2000 for the cause. Which is what The Gift of Giving means. The handmade jewelry included pieces by Kathy Bransfield, Christina Kober, and Hilary Hachey. But the piece that truly got all of the attention was a gorgeous ring by renowned artist, Todd Pownell.

The R119 Inverted Diamond Ring was a huge hit at the gala and I couldn’t be happier. I am glad that I was able play a small role in furthering Jarrow’s focus of providing its students with the opportunity to experience a diverse student body. Who knows…maybe this experience will ensure that Artfully Elegant will continue to donate to Jarrow Montessori for many more years to come.

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