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3 Sprouts

3 Sprouts was created by three friends who share a love of babies and an appreciation for unique and modern…

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Alexander / Wissotzky

Tanya Wissotzky and Alexander Galtchansky work in acrylic, pen, ink, and collage on specially treated canvas. In their still life…

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Alexandru Darida

Alexandru Darida was born in 1955 in Transylvania, one of the most fascinating parts of Romania. He grew up in…

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Amber Brendel

Amber Brendel creates unique baby bibs with soft organic terry cloth fabric. The bibs have colorful imagery that is meant…

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Angela Duffin

Angela Duffin is a Philadelphia jewelry maker with a background in textile design (B.S. from Philadelphia College of Textiles and…

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Anne Sportun

Driven by her belief in a universal language of shape and form, Anne Sportun looks to nature for inspiration. Anne…

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Apple Park

Apple Park

Apple Park was founded in San Francisco with a vision to create environmentally responsible and luxurious products for babies and…

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babiators logo


Longtime friends Molly and Ted Fienning and Carolyn and Matthew Guard met in college over 10 years ago. After graduation,…

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Sarah Baroni and her team work from their northern California studio to create over 250 new designs each year. The…

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Belle Brooke

Successfully maintaining a balance between opposing forces and energies, the yin and the yang, fosters harmony among all things. Jewelry…

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Beth Mueller

Raised in rural Indiana, Beth Mueller now lives in Barre, Vermont, where she creates splendid hand-painted ceramic pieces. Beth received…

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Bob Ichter

Bob Ichter is an award-winning artist who is quickly captivating the art scene wherever his work is shown. Ichter's romantic and…

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Bruce Elkins

Bruce Elkins is a Colorado-based woodworker. He opened his studio, Spinning Aspen Studios Inc., in 1977. He produces hand-crafted turned…

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Carole Pickle

Carole Pickle is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited throughout the country and featured in numerous publications.  Carole…

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Cedar Mountain

One day while Suzanne was working in a hip little shop, Don came in to show off his hand-crafted wooden…

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THE BUSINESS OF GIVING - ChariTotes is not just a giving business, they're in the business of giving. That might…

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The Chewbeads product line is made with 100% silicone. (similar to pacifiers and nipples). Every necklace, bracelet, rattle and teether is…

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Since 2004, Chive has created innovative and simple designs to highlight the unique beauty of your floral arrangements. A kick…

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Chris Ploof

After traveling the world trying hands-on careers that spoke to his historical influences and technical skills, Chris Ploof found himself…

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Christina Kober

The jewelry Christina creates is a perfect balance of understated elegance and playfully whimsy. It can be worn everyday but…

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Christopher Marley

Christopher Marley did not always have the love for insects he now possesses. Forced to confront his fears as he…

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During the last 93 years, Citizen has expanded its business throughout the world and has achieved recognition as a global…

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COATT Jewelry

The Morse Code was invented in the 1840s by Samuel F. B. Morse as a companion to his telegraph. It…

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David Tishbi

The David Tishbi collection spans more than just the far reaches of one man's ideas. Nearly a decade ago, David…

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Dogeared Jewels and Gifts have been hand crafted in California for 20 years, when designer Marcia Maizel-Clarke recognized the need…

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Dolan Geiman

Dolan Geiman is a nationally recognized mixed media artist creating original paintings, collages, constructions, and limited-edition reproductions. Produced from salvaged…

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Dotti Potts

Ceramic artist Sandra Silberman is the designer and maker of Dotti Potts Jewelery, and together with her husband Gavin Silberman…

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East of India

East of India was started in England by John Ayris and Anne Spratling in 1991. A small range of products…

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Eight Cranes

Each Eight Cranes piece is hand-crafted by artist Jess Cuttic, from our very own homebase of Bethlehem, PA! Jess Cuttic…

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Elaine B

Elaine Butcher grew up in Denver and studied in Oregon before finishing her fine arts degree in metalworking and glassblowing…

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Etienne Perret

Etienne Perret is one of the world's premier designers of colored diamond jewelry. Best known for his bridal designs in…

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Everyday Artifact

Each Everyday Artifact is individually produced by world-renowned art printer Jeff Ryan. He designs and crafts each finished product using…

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Fidel Garcia

Fidel Garcia

The art of Fidel Garcia blends figurative realism and abstract expressionism. His paintings call upon the viewer to experience the…

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Figs & Ginger

Figs & Ginger is a husband and wife team making adorable yet sophisticated Eco- Friendly sterling jewelry which is designed…

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Gary Benfield

Gary Benfield’s keen eye for natural details joins with his vivid imagination in his work. His spontaneity is apparent in…

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Gary Kresge

Gary Kresge is a landscape painter residing in northeastern Pennsylvania. His work is derived from the Pocono Mountains and Delaware…

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Ginger Cook

Ginger Cook is best known for her original technique of building a medley of vibrant colors and varies layers of…

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Glen Tarnowski

From a childhood immersed in the beauty of nature, a youth surrounded by the classical sense of Renaissance-era European art…

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Guy Buffet

Since he sold his first watercolor at the age of thirteen to an American tourist who was visiting the Buffet…

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Happy Horse

The history of Happy Horse starts in 1963 when David Schnitzler and his older brother found Schnitzler Brothers Agencies. The…

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Heather Moore

Heather B. Moore was created in 1994 and has evolved as a jewelry company ever since. The studio, located in…

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Hilary Hachey

There are two basic steps involved in designing a piece of jewelry. First, I must have a visual concept. Often…

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Janet Treby

Hailing from Bedfordshire, England, Janet Treby strives for a connection between the physical and emotional. The diversity of Treby’s work…

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Jason Mernick

Most of Mernick's work is contemporary and incorporates many elements from nature. Due to the nature of the equipment used…

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Jean Pierre Weill

Using a technique he calls "vitreography", Weill suspends his drawings in space, infusing traditional motifs such as still-lifes, landscapes and…

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Jerry Rhodes

The firing process I use for my pottery is often described as Raku, but the motivation behind my use of…

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Jewelry for a Cause

The Caliber Collection is made up of metal from 250 guns and bullet casings seized by the Newark Police Department.…

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John Sherman

John Sherman describes his paintings as 'breakthroughs from the archetypal world'. Others have described them as 'psychologically significant' works of…

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Julie Nolan

Making a name for yourself in the jewelry business isn't easy, especially in New York, but Julie Nolan has not…

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Kathy Bransfield

A lover of travel, Kathy Bransfield feels that her journeys to other lands and experiencing other cultures has been a…

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Kathy Panton

Kathy Panton

I create nursery, abstract, inspirational and motivational art. I also do fabric design for the high end fashion industry. I…

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Kerry Hallam

Kerry Hallam, born March 12, 1937, is a British impressionist artist who has produced approximately twelve thousand paintings and whose…

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Kip Frace

“I traced a lot,” says Kip. “Everybody would say ‘You’re cheating, you’re cheating!’ but that’s totally how I learned to…

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Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth is dedicated to enhancing the natural and timeless beauty inherent in women of all ages. Drawing on inspiration…

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Laurel Denise

Laurel Smith has been designing jewelry since 2005. Herinspiration to design jewelry came to her through a dream. In this…

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Loretta Tryon

Using shellforming and anticlastic raising, Loretta Tryon combines graceful curves, hammered textures, and patinated surfaces in her work. Engraving designs…

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Maeve Harris

Influenced by natural and organic forms, Maeve Harris renders expressions of color and light. Created with a variety of inks…

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Martha Sullivan

Martha handcrafts wearable treasures made of sterling silver & gold accented with precious stones and pearls. Blending traditional and exotic…

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Me & Ro

Me&Ro has developed a strong celebrity following throughout the years including Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Sheryl Crow, and Mary-Louise Parker.…

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Melody Lane

The Smoke-firing process is derived from primitive firings, in which a mound of burnished and decorated pottery surrounded by buffalo…

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MKC Photography

Until the age of 10, Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes was certain the secret passage into Narnia truly existed and if she just…

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Modern Moose

Modern Moose seems to have injected some much needed levity into the world of wall clocks. His pieces are colorful,…

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Molly M Designs

While training as an architect, Molly McGrath recognized that the laser cutter she was using to make architectural models had…

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Nobu Haihara

Nobu Haihara was born in 1959 in Kokura Japan at a time when all eyes of Japan were glued to…

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Noted is a designer and distributor of merchandise for better gift, museum and toyshops: curious and well-designed activities and kits…

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Ore Originals

Oré Originals has been creating a legacy of Happy Products for Good People and Pets™ since 1989. It all began in…

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Paige Bradley

Bradley believes that being an artist does not make her exempt from the daily labyrinth of indecision and obscurity. It…

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Paris Muchanic

Paris has always felt the call of science and art vacillating between the two. The sciences dominated for many years…

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Peter Krobath

Peter J. Krobath was born in Graz, Austria in 1951 and immigrated five years later, with his family to the…

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Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd met in 1999 while studying Industrial Design together at the University of Technology, Sydney. After…

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Rebecca Overmann

Rebecca Overmann creates jewelry which is influenced by natural forms and subtle movements. Her work is characterized by a mix…

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Kelly Leslie


"With so many remarkable glass bottles being discarded every day, we chose to work within our community to reclaim empty…

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Rob Gonsalves

Artist Rob Gonsalves was born in Toronto, Canada in 1959. During his childhood, he developed an interest in drawing from…

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Ron Stinson

Ron Stinson has been designing and creating metal sculptures for over thirty years. Self-taught, he developed many designs from his…

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Rosena Sammi

Rosena Sammi Jewelry is a global-chic, yet attainable luxury brand defined by glamorous Indian design elements melded into a modern…

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Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham designs evocative jewelry by applying original artistry and fashions it with the traditional methods underlying old-world craftsmanship. She…

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We believe children have the most fun when they’re discovering new things. For them, playing is learning. That’s why all…

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Shaesby Scott’s inspiration is rooted in art and sculpture.  He was exposed to the world of fine art by his…

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Sholdt Design has been in the jewelry business since 1935. Founded in Seattle by Milton Sholdt, it is currently under…

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Stephen Estelle

Upon spending several years studying art and literature in Europe he took a keen interest in Buddhism and Tibetan language.…

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Steve Bogdanoff

Steve Bogdanoff began detailed drawings of people and scenes at the age of 6, and painting oil on canvas by…

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Stiles in Clay

Chris Stiles has always been drawn to working with his hands and has described his relationship with materials as a…

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London fashion brand STORM is renowned for its exclusive, contemporary watches and other stylish fashion accessories. For the individual seeking…

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Susan Schulz

Susan Schulz is from Kemblesville, PA and she works with silver, gold, and platinum with precious and semi-precious gemstones. She…

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Susan Ward

Susan Ward creates unique limited edition glass plates, bowls, trays and paperweights as well as picture frames, desk blotters and…

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Tara Montgomery

Tara Montgomery is inspired by the beauty and elegance of simplicity, and it is her attempt to capture this in…

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The Deglingos

Deglingos (deh-GLING-goes): common noun.  Animalos molto funnios and muy crazios.   A uniques species of contagiously quirky animals, the Deglingos speak…

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The Ellie Rose

My mother taught me how to sew as a child. The colorful fabrics, frustrating thread knots and the thumping sound…

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The Urban Smith

The Urban Smith is a brand forged from creativity and delicate simplicity, with a bit of a naughty streak. Designer…

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Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann was born in Northampton, PA and raised in Allentown, PA. At sixteen he went to work with a…

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Todd Pownell

The experience of melting steel rods together years ago in shop class started Todd on his journey towards working with…

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Todd Reed

"My work uses raw diamond cubes and other natural diamond shapes. It started as a way to question society about…

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Topozoo is the creation of Geared For Imagination, an Ohio-based creator and distributor of toys for kids and 'kidults'. We…

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Travis Berning

When you look at Travis Berning's pottery you can almost feel his life coming through in every facet of his…

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Tree by Kerri Lee

Tree is backyard forts and outdoor adventures. Tree is ice cream cones and a summer breeze. Tree is a thoughtful…

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Tru.che is the brainchild of Stevie Koerner and she makes shiny things, professionally. She recently quit her day job to pursue…

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Urban Smalls

Urban Smalls

Urban Smalls was born in New York City's East Village in 2004 with the weighty mandate of liberating youngsters from…

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Veto is based out of Luzern, Switzerland. Their creations in stainless steel are reflected in expressive and living modern forms.…

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The distinctive modern designs of Vinosus Handmade jewelry evoke the confidence of your personal style. The artists, Marty Kneeland and…

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WallCandy Arts

Allison Krongard's first WallCandy client was a three-year-old named Max. Her career at Knoll International had given her a keen…

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The Woodours (from the French, literally "Wood-Bear") collection tells the story of a Papa and Baby Bear. Papa is strong…

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Jackie Huang is a 3D story artist and art teacher whose passion for art transcends the boundaries of various art…

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Each highly textured, individualized ceramic bowl created at Zpots Studio begins with a beautiful chocolate clay body. Artists Heather Van…

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